Here are convenient single-page flyers that you can use to help with various breastfeeding subjects.

Getting a Deep Latch Getting a Deep Latch: One key to breastfeeding successfully is getting a deep latch. New breastfeeding moms often expect the baby to latch primarily onto her nipple. Instead, to breastfeed well, a baby will latch onto the breast deeply, with a wide open mouth, as if the baby is holding his mouth to take a bite of a double-decker sandwich.
Seven tips for breastfeeding comfortably in public Seven Tips for Breastfeeding Comfortably in Public: As a first-time breastfeeding mama, do you feel con- fident about feeding your baby in public? If so, that’s fantastic: you have taken to heart that what you’re doing is natural, normal, and nobody else’s business! But if you are working up that confidence in yourself, here are seven tips to help you along.


Legal rights

The New York State Breastfeeding Mother’s Bill of Rights: This progressive document, law in New York, provides support for mothers before birth, in the birth setting (hospital, birth center, etc.) and while leaving the birth setting. At the end, it includes information on whom to contact if you feel your rights have been violated.

NYS Department of Labor Guidelines for Employers of Nursing Mothers: This document explains in detail the accommodation employers in New York must provide to their employees who are nursing mothers. If a coworker or supervisor at a mother’s company is giving her a hard time about pumping, this is a good document to provide to the employer.

Under the Affordable Care Act/Obamacare, moms have federal rights for pumping breast milk at work in the first year of their babies’ lives. The wording of the statute can be found on the DOL website.