Before I formally studied breastfeeding, I worked in Los Angeles as a coach and culinary instructor for people coping with food allergies and intolerances. Now, in addition to providing general breastfeeding support in Rochester, NY, as an IBCLC, one of my specializations is working with mothers around the country who believe they or their breastfed babies may be showing signs of food allergies or intolerances.

If you are concerned, or if you have been told, that you need to remove certain foods from your diet while you are breastfeeding, I can help you take these steps:

  • work to determine what is causing the symptoms (sometimes it is food, but many times it isn’t);
  • take action on other potential causes of symptoms;
  • manage a restricted diet, if one is actually needed;
  • and develop a plan to encourage healing for any underlying gut inflammation that is contributing to the issues.

Due to the potentially complex nature of these situations, multiple appointments are often necessary for resolution.

For mothers who have urgent needs, same day or next-day appointments are often available.

To get current rates or schedule an appointment, call 585-310-1713.
(Mothers who are eligible for WIC or Medicaid may request half-price consults.)

*For mothers who live within an hour’s radius of my office, I strongly prefer to do these appointments in the office so that I have all of my tools and resources available for determining the best fit for each situation.

To book an appointment, call 585-310-1713. To ask basic questions or see if we’re a good fit, email me at