Nourish is moving to Denmark. The pump rental business now belongs to Wildflower Birth Support; potential renters should contact Bridget at Wildflower directly for assistance.


The hospital-grade pumps are ideal for moms who

  • are exclusively or mostly pumping;
  • are coping with consistent infant separation (such as a child being in the Special Care Unit/NICU); or
  • feel they may be getting inadequate milk removal with their current pump.

Currently, we have Medela Symphonies, which are the kind used at Rochester’s hospitals. (Moms who’ve used a Symphony in the hospital should keep the pump kit–the tubes and flanges–to use with the rental pump.)


Neonatal Scale

The best tool for checking a baby’s milk transfer is doing weighed feeds with a highly accurate and very precise neonatal scale. To check transfer, we weigh the clothed baby before a nursing session and then in the same clothes afterwards; the difference in weight is the amount of milk the baby transferred.

In order to get an accurate measurement of milk transfer, we need a scale with a high level of accuracy and precision that home scales are simply not designed to have. In a lactation appointment, we can gather valuable data from one weighed feed, but breast milk volumes and babies’ milk transfers vary over the course of a day.

The rental scale, a Tanita BD815-U that is accurate to 2 grams, offers parents the chance to gather information about milk transfer for every feed in a 24-hour period, allowing families, their lactation consultants (IBCLCs), and their doctors to make informed decisions around what is happening with feeding.


Pumps and the neonatal scale are available for pick-up by appointment at Nourish on University Avenue every weekday. On weekends, we are sometimes able to accommodate pick-ups in urgent breastfeeding situations. If you’re in a bind, just call and ask: 585-310-1713.

*A valid credit card and a form of ID are required for the rental of any pump or scale. Lessees will be required to sign a rental contract. No rentals can be done by cash or check. If the pump or scale is not returned by the agreed return date, the card will be charged for the next segment of time.