The best time to seek breastfeeding help is as soon as you experience difficulty with breastfeeding that makes you feel uncertain or concerned. There are no silly or stupid concerns with breastfeeding, and despite what people may tell you, intense pain with breastfeeding is not normal or okay. The most common breastfeeding concerns can often be managed with one to two visits in the first 1-2 weeks after birth; after that, the problem(s) may have become more involved and require more effort and time to remedy.

For mothers/babies who have urgent needs, same day or next-day appointments are often available. Call 585-310-1713 to schedule an urgent consultation.

An initial postnatal appointment runs 1-1.5 hours. It generally involves these elements:

  • an exploration of the mother’s breastfeeding goals;
  • a history of the pregnancy and labor;
  • a history of the breastfeeding to this point;
  • a physical exam of the mother’s breasts, areolae, and nipples;
  • a physical exam of the baby’s mouth structures, head, and neck;
  • a physical exam (by gloved finger) of the baby’s ability to coordinate sucking;
  • a pre- and post-feed weight check (accurate to 2 grams) to measure the baby’s ability to transfer milk;
  • an observation of the mother and baby’s current breastfeeding technique;
  • suggestions for improving the success of breastfeeding;
  • a written care plan that the mother (and often partner) and I create together, based on the mother’s breastfeeding goals and what she finds manageable;
  • an update sent by fax to the physicians involved in care.

For some situations, we may focus on developing a milk expression (hand expression and pumping) routine as the primary or secondary method of providing the baby milk and supporting the mom’s milk supply.

For a mom/baby with more complex issues, we may not be able to cover all topics in the first visit. We start with the most critical issues and then schedule additional appointments as needed.

To get current rates or book an appointment, call 585-310-1713.
(Mothers who are eligible for WIC or Medicaid may request a half-price in-office consult.)

Please note: Maintaining an evidence-based, professional lactation (IBCLC) practice with regular continuing education on best practices is not inexpensive. When deciding whether to seek care, some parents find it helpful to consider that formula-feeding an infant for a year costs between $2000 and $4000, depending on the formula used. Two to three visits with an IBCLC for breastfeeding care costs a small fraction of that.

*I prefer to have consultations in my office because all of my tools and resources are readily available to me there.

Call 585-310-1713 to discuss your situation and see whether you will need an appointment.

Insurance note: 

I will provide you with a superbill that you may use to file a claim with your insurance company. Coverage for classes varies, and the negotiation with the insurance company regarding this reimbursement is your responsibility. I do accept FSA/HSA cards for payment.