Learning in a group environment is a fun, social, and pressure-free way to gain knowledge and skills. You might also become friendly with other local parents whose babies will be around the same age as yours! Class enrollment is limited to create an intimate environment where we can answer all questions in-depth.

You may also have a private, personalized class by booking a prenatal appointment, and I am available for special appointments for groups of friends who’d like to hold a private class together.

Parents with Aetna coverage: Great news! Because Aetna offers excellent breastfeeding coverage and Nourish is in-network with Aetna, you can attend the prenatal breastfeeding classes at no cost to you. You may also schedule a prenatal appointment in my office, instead, at no cost, if you prefer to have a personalized consultation. Parents with other insurance may be reimbursed by their insurance companies for the class cost.*

All classes are held on the second floor of the University Business Center, 1100 University Ave., Rochester, NY 14607.

Elizabeth and baby

Breastfeeding Successfully: The Beginning

Breastfeeding: just because it’s natural doesn’t mean it’s intuitive. That’s where classes to help prepare you come in. A 2008 study found that women who attended prenatal breastfeeding classes had significantly increased breastfeeding at 6 months when compared to women who did not attend a class. Come join us for a class, and prepare yourself for success!

The Beginning class is taught by a board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) and runs about two hours. It includes the following information:

  • What breast changes to expect before and after birth;
  • How birth interventions may play a role in breastfeeding;
  • How breastfeeding is key to your and your baby’s health and development;
  • What techniques to use for comfort and success in early breastfeeding (including both ancient techniques and modern research);
  • How to know the baby is getting enough milk;
  • How to prevent, recognize, and manage issues that may arise;
  • Where to get help if you need it.

We will use dolls to practice with positioning, and we will have time at the end for all questions (there are no dumb questions with breastfeeding!).

Admission to Breastfeeding Successfully includes mom and her partner/support person. Having support is key for breastfeeding success!

Breastfeeding Successfully is held Tuesdays from 6:30-9 p.m. There will be snacks for sale.

Cost: $50*. Spaces are currently available on May 3, July 12, and September 13. Click here to register.

Meridith and her baby

How to Work & Breastfeed

How do you maximize the milk you produce when you return to work? What is the best pump to use for your situation? What options are there if you can’t pump at work? How do you balance the needs of home and work? How much milk should you try to put in the freezer before you go back? How much milk will your baby need each day at daycare? How should the daycare handle your milk? What behaviors should you expect from your breastfeeding baby after you go back to work?

Come to this 90-minute class with a board-certified lactation consultant (IBCLC) to find the answers to these and any other questions you may have about making the combination of work and breastfeeding as stress-free and satisfying as possible. Leave the class with confidence and a plan.

Ideally, you will take this class 3-4 weeks before you return to work.

Working & Breastfeeding is held on Wednesdays from 10-11:30 a.m.

Cost: $50*. Spaces are currently available on March 16, May 18, and August 3. Click here to register.

Liam and the strawberry

How to Add Foods to Baby’s Diet

A huge amount of conflicting advice and information comes from the internet, magazines, relatives, friends, moms’  groups, and our doctors on when and what to feed our babies when we first add solid foods to their diets. How should we know what to do?

In this 90-minute class, find out what modern research shows about what to offer as first foods, how to offer them, and when to add them to your baby’s diet. We’ll talk about your options to figure out what works best for your family and your baby. We’ll practice a few methods of food prep, and you’ll go home with ten easy recipes to try. And we’ll figure out ways to make the introduction of foods satisfying, easy, inexpensive, and fun!

Admission to Adding Foods for Baby includes mom and her partner/support person. The class is held on Saturdays after the Working & Breastfeeding support group.

Cost: $50. Spaces are currently available on April 9, June 18, and August 13. Click here to register.

*Insurance note: 

As I’m in-network with Aetna, families with Aetna may contact me to register and have me file for reimbursement for the prenatal class and return to work class. For families with other insurance, upon request, I can provide you with a superbill that you may use to file a claim for breastfeeding classes with your insurance company. Coverage for classes varies, and the negotiation with the insurance company regarding this reimbursement is your responsibility. I do accept FSA/HSA cards for payment, where appropriate.