Nourish is moving to Denmark in spring of 2018, so we're no longer accepting new clients. Existing clients may call for an appointment.

What I Do

I offer…

  • professional, evidence-based in-office and in-home lactation consultations focused on helping you meet your breastfeeding goals;
  • private and group breastfeeding education on a variety of topics;
  • and weekly and biweekly support groups so that nursing mothers can connect with like-minded moms in our community.

I believe…

  • that mothers and babies were created to breastfeed;
  • that staying up-to-date on the latest breastfeeding research, attending professional lactation conferences and courses regularly, and being engaged with other lactation professionals allow me to offer the best, evidence-based care;
  • that solid lactation care gives attention to the big picture of the physical and emotional health of moms and babies; and that mothers and babies who have education and support in their breastfeeding journey are empowered to accomplish amazing things.

I am…

  • a board-certified lactation consultant (an IBCLC) serving Rochester, NY, and surrounding areas with quality consultations and education;
  • and a mom who realizes that the best care plan I can create for you won’t work if it isn’t workable within the context of your life.